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Hi neni

I am sincerely sorry about how your life is going right now. So many of us are struggling and getting worn out trying to survive. I wish that I had money to share , but right now my only checking account is in the negative numbers. 

Please only contact people through Aidpages and do not list your personal e-mail address. You will recieve messages from all sorts of people who will try to scam you . Communicating through Aidpage is much safer.


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 in response to neni...   


Have you tried

To save your home as it might help, I don't know for sure. You have to view it in internet explorer.

As for housecleaning jobs good for you. I know of more than a few people who make a living at it...Have you tried contacting apartment owners, business offices to clean the apartment when the renters move out and the business offices to clean when they are gone at night?

I wish I had the money to donate to you but don't.

I know it is hard but can you try

For a loan?

Good luck


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I lost my job about 6 months ago, I can't find work, so I started to clean homes in my area but right now I only have 2 homes to clean bi weekly, I have a disabled husband, have two boys, one in college the other in high school,my house is in foreclosure, my husbands income from Social security is not enough, If anyone out there can donated any amount of money to help me save my home I would deeply appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Please, if you can help please reply or EMAiL me at

Thank You

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Dave H


When The Money Ends, So Does Your Normal Life.


When the small business become taxed higher, you will see a lot more Homeless People on the streets. The two years of employment is coming to an end and, in Salem, Oregon a lot of new faces are looking for help and joining the Homeless Race. As jobs disappear the only jobs will be Government and so called nonprofits that pay their top members big money.

No body can help the Men and Women Homeless race unless you can get them a job. I have been Homeless for almost two years, living in my car at Walmart. I know for a fact the Homeless will never recover without help. To see the steps needed for the Homeless to get off the streets go to


Our Government gets their money from tax payers, without jobs who will be taxed?

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